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Trés Chic Buenos Aires Fashion Week

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Trés Chic Buenos Aires Fashion Week

35,000 fashion fiends descended on the capital of Argentina for Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2011. From the 21st to the 25th February, the La Rural exhibition centre in Palermo was the focus point for Argentine fashion. The edgy, rock and roll inspired fashion house, A.Y Not Dead, launched the inauguration of the 2011 BAFweek. The opening show took place, rather suitably for A.Y Not Dead, in the car park of ultra-fashionable and vanguard shopping centre Paseo Alcorta.

After the exclusive, invitation only, opening party at Paseo Alcorta, the rest of the fashion free-for-all took place along the two catwalks of La Rural. This is a huge, multi-space exhibition centre that always puts on sell-out events. Under its roof, designers can exhibit their collections in the 40 showrooms that are available.

Fashion week in Buenos Aires is not just about catwalks and shows, although who could deny it’s the best bit, but there were also art installations and lounge areas where guests can sample the gastromonic delights of Argentina.

The highlight for male fashion at the show had to be the Hermanos Estebecorena show. This team of brothers creates clothes that are fashionable and functional, with their collection offering a wide selection of winter jackets with spacious pockets and thoughtful detailing. Unlike some other designers at fashion shows, their designs are not too wacky and appeal to a wide audience, whilst still having that truly original Argentine feel.

The German lingerie fashion house, Triumph, hosted the Triumph Inspiration Award competition to celebrate 125th anniversary. The competition opened up the runway to 16 amateur designers to show off their original and cutting edge designs. The show was a breathtaking, non-stop parade of beautiful and unusual creations, including an Iberian inspired black and red one-piece with matching hat. The panel of judges was made up of the following notable fashion figures; Roberto Devorik, Mariano Toledo, Susana Saulquin, Ricky Sarkany,  Javier Iturrioz, Ana Torrejón,  and Marcela Gómez, Triumph’s Head of Marketing. They selected Carolina Leone, a University of Buenos Aires student, as the winner of the Triumph Inspiration Award. The winning piece was cleverly called, ‘perfecta imperfección’ (perfect imperfection).

Triumph was not the only thing that was celebrating its anniversary. This year’s edition marks ten years of Fashion Week in Buenos Aires. Tickets to BAFweek cost only $30 Argentine pesos a day and there was something for everyone. Como quieres que te quiera, a fashion house aimed at teenage fashionistas, showed off their autumn/winter collection. This season, their collection, with its jodpers and denim combos, were inspired by horse riding and rural settings. Very Argentine indeed. There are more news in this Buenos Aires travel guide.

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