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Top 10 Tango Salons and Milongas

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Top 10: Tango Salons and Milongas

Buenos Aires is basically synonymous with the word tango, which means when in town, you simply must give it a try. The city is packed with dance studios, milongas, lessons, and tango salons tucked into every imaginable place. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, here are the best places to strap on your tango shoes while in Buenos Aires.

1. Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso

If you’d like to see how the pros do it, head to this San Telmo cultural center for some delicious food paired with an expert show. Enjoy a class before the live music begins, or come on a Sunday to get some time on the dance floor.

2. El Querandí

In a mid-19th-century restored building, this is another great place to take in a dinner and tango show. With an intimate atmosphere, you will not only see some amazing dancing, but learn a bit, too, as the show is somewhat theatrical, telling the history of tango.


3. Tanguería El Beso

This is a tango bar that has it all. The crowd runs the gamut of ages, and the interior décor is nothing if not charming. While Tuesdays are mostly frequented by tourists, Thursdays have a more traditional feel, with guests dressed appropriately. Sunday is the most popular night, though.

4. Café de los Angelitos

Dating back to the 1890s, this bar carries loads of history within its walls. Today, it is a tango dinner show and then some — this particular show is done cabaret-style, with incredibly energetic performances and incredible live music. The bar is a work of art in itself.


5. La Catedral

In the heart of Almagro, La Catedral is considered quite underground, although it has gained popularity in recent years. In an old flour mill building, the décor is nothing less than eclectic. Dance lessons are held nightly, and dancers usually linger to enjoy a glass of wine or a dish from their vegetarian menu. Live music often follows, or simply a night of dancing.

6. Niño Bien

Though there are plenty of tourists who come to check out this milonga, it retains a high level of tradition. Men ask women to dance only, using the traditional nods and looks that only tango dancers can understand. The ballroom is beautiful, and the experience is nearly nostalgic.


7. Salón Canning

This salon is quite nice inside, but the floor is the real star of the show. Considered one of the best dance floors in the city, it plays home for lessons and milongas for tourists and locals alike, throughout the week.

8. Sin Rumbo

Off the beaten tourist path, this neighborhood milonga is well out of the way, but well worth the trip. The dance floor fills nightly, and the doors are closed after 150 guests, ensuring plenty of elbowroom for all the dancers. Dinner is also served.

9. El Viejo Almacén

This is an unusual version of the dinner tango show. The dinner takes place in one historical building, and then diners head across the street to a colonial house for the incredible dance performances. The live orchestra will amaze you, as will the outstanding footwork of the dancers.


10. Nuevo Salón La Argentina

Long nights are commonplace here on the weekends, and the milonga starts in the afternoon during the week. Most dancers here are quite experienced, and the general style tends to be al suelo, which lacks the fancy footwork often seen in tango dancing. There is a bar for drinks and a bite to eat. For more information about tango in Argentina, visit this Buenos Aires Travel Guide.

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