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Top 10: Outside Buenos Aires

While Buenos Aires itself has innumerable things to see and do, another one of its attractive qualities is its proximity to so many other great places to visit. Uruguay is just a stone’s throw across the River Plate, with its quaint towns and charming cities. In every direction on Argentina’s side of the river, there is some small community or exciting city to visit. Whether you go by car, bus or boat, there’s something to be discovered around every corner. Here are the top places to visit within a few hours of Buenos Aires.

1. Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Less than an hour away from Buenos Aires, this quaint little town is everything that Buenos Aires is not. With a large colonial Portuguese influence, the town’s cobblestone streets wind along the calm River Plate. Most people get around on scooters, the perfect way to explore the beaches that run up and down the coast. Good for a day trip or the weekend.

2. Montevideo, Uruguay

The largest city in Uruguay, Montevideo is just a couple hours away from Colonia. It is a striking difference from Buenos Aires, starting with the population - there are less than 2 million people in Montevideo, compared to Buenos Aires’ 9 million. The city is known for its slower pace of life and great hospitality. The capital actually has a nice coastal feel, and is a wonderful change of pace from the constant movement in Buenos Aires.

3. Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is the beach getaway for porteños, who flock to the beach town during the summer months. Most say it is just like Buenos Aires, but smaller and with beaches, giving it a familiarity to those who come down from the city. Just a few hours away, it is a vibrant city, known for its nightlife, although it is also well suited for family vacations.

4. Tandil

Tandil is a sort of nearby alternative to Patagonia. It not only has a charming town, but is also a hub for all sorts of fantastic hiking. Hills surround the town, providing some of the best trekking for miles around. Within the town, all sorts of locally produced goods are sold in stores and served at local bars, nourishing hungry hikers after a long day.

5. Tigre

Just north of the city, Tigre is on the delta, made up of waterways more than roads. All sorts of boating sports are popular here, especially rowing. The city has a large outdoors artisan’s market, located right next to a coastal amusement park, as well as a casino. All in all the town is the perfect daytrip out of Buenos Aires.

6. San Antonio de Areco

To the southwest of Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco is pure gaucho country. Just an hour away, its historic architecture comprises the historic downtown, with cobblestone streets and wrought iron accents. Come in November to celebrate the Día de la Tradición.

7. Pinamar

A bit farther than just for a day trip, Pinamar is another seaside getaway, this time with less nightlife and more relaxing downtime. Set in a forest on the coast, this town is famous for its great golf and wonderful family atmosphere. The beaches are filled with soft golden sand, and while the water may be a bit cold, it is still the perfect Argentine beach vacation. Accommodation tips are also available in this Buenos Aires travel guide.

8. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is Uruguay’s beach destination, offering a close and easy getaway to porteños, with slightly warmer temperatures than Argentine beaches. Frequented by young and old alike, this vibrant city has it all - cuisine, beaches, nightlife, and accommodations for any budget.

9. Mataderos

If you don’t have the time to make it to San Antonio de Areco, head to Mataderos for some gaucho flavor. Once the meat-packing district of Buenos Aires, this neighborhood now hosts a weekend gaucho fair, with dancing, food, and artisan goods being sold.

10. Isla Martín García

This small island on the delta is another great hideaway, frequented mostly by locals. The lush vegetation creates a sort of oasis, an excellent choice for escaping the madness of the city for a day.

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