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Top 10 of the Teatro Colón

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Top 10: Teatro Colón

Buenos Aires’ Teatro Colón is one of the most impressive opera houses in the entire world, so it is no surprise that it is on most people’s must-see list while in the vibrant city. The theatre recently underwent a massive restoration, and reopened during the Bicentennial celebrations in May 2010. While the most ideal would be to go see one of the world-class performances given there, tours are also offered. No matter how you go to enjoy this building, don’t miss the following details.

1. Entrance Hall

Inspired by the Old World, the foyer to the Teatro Colón is nothing less than grand. It uses four different types of marble, imported from Europe, used to make up the two-story Neo-Romanesque columns and other unique features. The stained glass dome lets in a flood of natural light, and adds a touch of delicacy.

2. El Salón de Bustos and El Salón Dorado

Perpetuating the grandeur, the Salón Dorado, or the Golden Room, has the sort of Baroque extravagance you would not expect to see outside of Versailles, and is the home of chamber music concerts. The Salón de Bustos holds many busts of various composers, such as Beethoven, paying homage to those whose genius often fills the halls of the theatre.

3. La Sala

La Sala is the main auditorium. This expertly designed room makes every single seat well worth its money; the acoustics are out of this world. The grand room seats 2,500 people, and the red velvet seats remind you that you are in one of the foremost opera houses in the world.

4. Official Boxes

These are the most exclusive seats in the house, reserved for only the most important politicians and their guests. Rumor has it that deals are often worked out here. The boxes are available to visit during the guided tours.

5. Vitreaux

The stained glass domes of the theatre are one of its most prized aspects. There is the one in the entrance hall, but there are also two in the Salón Dorado, which focus on Greek mythology.

6. El Paraíso

The standing room only area of the theatre, these are the cheapest entrances you can find in the Teatro Colón. While you may not have the best view, depending on when you arrive for the performance, the highlight of these tickets is that you will enjoy some of the best acoustics in the entire house.

7. Library

The theatre would not be complete without a collection that reflects the musical greatness of the famous opera house. Here, you can find first edition publications, as well as a wealth of opera, ballet, and general music reference materials. The contents of the library are accessible to all. If you like history, check out the programs that have been collected from every single performance in the theatre’s history.

8. Pasaje de los Carruajes

Not utilized anymore, this is where carriages used to pass to drop off and pick up their high-society passengers. Today, the narrow hallway is simply a part of the theatre’s long history.

9. La Cúpula

The crown jewel of domes, this massive, 318-square-meter dome sits above La Sala. It has been redecorated since the theatre’s inception, but continues to be a focal point in the grand auditorium.

10. Workshops

The theatre has three different basements, and this is where all the magic truly happens. Here, artists create costumes, sets, and props. Actors hold their rehearsals here, on a recreated stage, as well.

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