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Top 10 Multispaces in Palermo

Posted 3 years, 11 months ago at 12:20 pm. 1 comment

Top 10: Multispaces in Palermo

As Palermo is the trendy area of town, it of course must have something to offer that is unique from the rest of the city. While its avant-garde restaurants, shops and boutique hotels help fill that requirement, one of the most unique things about this barrio is its multispaces. The neighborhood has historically been very residential, and is filled with many very traditional chorizo style homes, with many different rooms off of one patio. When Palermo was undergoing its transformation into the neighborhood it is today, developers saw the opportunity to transform these homes into multi-functional spaces, which house bars combined with shops combined with galleries. Here are some of the most interesting and inventive multispaces in Palermo.

1. Bar El Taller

Part bar, part woodworkers workshop, this store sells all sorts of toys, knick-knacks and other fun creations, which you can browse while you sip on a beer.


2. Pabellón IV

This particular joint has been around for quite some time. It hosts various performance art exhibitions, as well as those of industrial designers, all within a bar with attitude.

3. Escarlata

If you’re a gallery opening junkie, this is the place for you. Openings are always a good time, showcasing a variety of work from local artists and designers.

4. Autoría BsAs

This is a multispace with a twist, mostly because it simply doesn’t have an eatery. Instead, it is part clothing boutique and part art gallery, with a variety of objects, styles, and art pieces on display and for sale.

5. Spell Café

A trifecta of culture and food, this three-level space has plenty of room to enjoy something off the menu, check out the art, and host live performances.

6. República de Acá

This bar/café, located on trendy Plaza Serrano, is filled with life, showing vibrant art and film stills from classic Buenos Aires comedies.


7. Pampa Picante

If you don’t just enjoy eating traditional Argentine steak, but would like to learn how to prepare it at home, head here for some interactive classes, after which you get to enjoy your creations.

8. Oxiro

This is one of the famous restored Palermo homes, now home to photography exhibits and other multimedia projects.

9. Arte de Mafia

Italian food is on the menu here, and jazz groups come and play nightly, accompanying your pasta with new renditions of Italian classics.


10. Brujas

Another eatery and art gallery combined, this incredible and inventive pizza joint brings in work from local artists, mostly painters.

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  1. Santos Belladona Feb 21st 2011

    Great Post.
    A have another tip for you :Buenos Aires-born photographer Irina Werning shows us how little things change in an ongoing photo series (most photos taken in BA) called Back to the Future