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Top 10: Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA)

The Latin American art museum in Buenos Aires, more commonly called MALBA, is renowned for its incredible collection of Latin American art. It is not only one of the most impressive such collections in the world, but it also contributes greatly to art education and awareness in Buenos Aires, adding to its already rich culture. It constantly has noteworthy exhibitions - recent exhibitions include the likes of Andy Warhol - which mostly focus on Latin American artists, but span a great international breadth. The museum was born during the economic crash of 2001, at which point the Constantini Collection, which had been traveling all over, finally found its permanent home at MALBA. Here are the top 10 things to see while visiting MALBA.

1. Tiendamalba

No art museum is complete without some sort of bookshop, but MALBA goes above and beyond. The store is fully stocked with a wide variety of art books, from graphic design to classic art to architecture and everything in between. Here, you will also find many items with an artist/cult following, such as designer dolls, specialty cameras (including the coveted Holga), and a variety of other curiosities.

2. Xul Solar’s Pareja

Solar is one of Argentina’s greatest artists, and what is considered his best work is right at home at MALBA. His 1923 painting has earned him accolades that have matched him with some of the best European artists.

3. Pablo Curatella Manes’ El Acordeonista

Another of Argentina’s greats, this sculptor had a style all his own, but also took influence from other great creators. In the 1920s, he traveled to Paris, and got to know Juan Gris, the Spaniard who is accredited with the beginnings of Cubism. This particular sculpture is especially indicative of their time together.

4. Antonio Berni’s Manifestación

Berni, perhaps Argentina’s most famous artist, worked in several different mediums and styles throughout his career. He often dealt with social issues, and believed in representing things as they were. Manifestación hints at his surrealism studies, but with a haunting realism about the subject matter.

5. Frida Kahlo’s Autoretrato con Chango y Loro

Frida Kahlo is without a doubt one of the most famous Latin American artists of all time. In the MALBA’s permanent collection is one of her famous self portraits, along with a bird and a monkey - recurring subjects in her surrealistic masterpieces.

6. Antonio Seguí’s La Distancia de la Mirada

Antonio Seguí’s career is still going strong; the Córdoba-born painter and printmaker lives today in Paris. His work tends to have a sense of irony and subtle humor hidden among its fragmented components, which usually have some sort of dystopian subject matter. This particular piece includes a staring bulldog.

7. MALBA Cine

One of the unique things about MALBA is that it doesn’t simply focus on still art. It also features a cinema, and regularly shows a variety of films, from cult-classics to domestic independent films to art-house bits. The programming is diverse, and can be enjoyed from Thursday through Sunday.

8. Guillermo Kuitca

Considered the most famous Argentine artists in the contemporary art scene, Kuitca has had an impressive career. The permanent collection at MALBA feature several of his thought-provoking pieces.

9. Fernando Botero’s Los Viudos

Known for many different things throughout his career, Botero’s most recognizable art are his paintings of extremely rotund figures. Here is one of his paintings in his signature style, where even the family dog is especially large.

10. Ernesto Deira’s Nine Variations Over a Well-Tensed Canvas

This extraordinary piece covers an entire wall with its nine canvases. Exuding chaos, it is seemingly organized, and has an incredible flow and movement to it.

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