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Top 10: Festivals

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Top 10: Festivals of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America, filled with more international culture and cutting edge design than many other cities in the world. Being the cultural hub that it is, the festivals that it holds yearly entertain and educate both the locals and visitors who come to join in the experience. Here are the top ten festivals held in Buenos Aires.

1. Carnaval

Celebrating in cities all over the world, Carnaval (or Carnival or Mardi Gras) is one of the most colorful celebrations of the year. Murgas are held in a citywide competition, dancing and drumming in a vibrant parade. Many porteños also head up to the province of Entre Ríos, as the city of Gualeguaychú has even bigger celebrations.


2. Apertura de la Opera

The season opening at the Teatro Colón is one of the more sophisticated festivals, bringing thespians in from all over. The season opens in March, and runs through December.

3. La Rural

Historic and important across the entire country, the annual international exhibition, held in July, brings in the finest animals and their best gauchos, who display their talents on horseback. Produce, livestock, machines, artisan goods, delicious food, and everything in between is relished by all who attend.

la-rural palermo

4. Festival Buenos Aires Tango

It is only fitting that the world’s most important tango festival would take place in Buenos Aires. During the last weeks of August, the city is taken by storm by the finest tango musicians and dancers in the world, as well as their adoring fans. The festival culminated in the Tango World Cup, in both stage tango and salon tango.

5. Fashion Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is known for its contributions to design and fashion, and this four-day event, held twice throughout the year, allows designers to showcase their latest work. Over forty showrooms feature new designs, and catwalk shows complete the exhibition.

6. Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente

This international independent film festival celebrates the art of film from across the globe. Lasting 12 days in mid-April, it includes screenings, seminars, and workshops. The films entered in the festival all compete for the coveted Gran Premio.


7. Aniversario de la Revolución de Mayo

This holiday, on May 25th, celebrates the beginning of the long revolution that eventually brought Argentina its independence. The Cabildo holds choir service that day, and Argentines across the nation celebrate their country.

8. Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires

Lasting two and a half weeks, this incredible fair honors the art of literature. Books are sold all over the city, and world-renowned authors come in to give seminars and lectures. Book fans flock to the city to meet authors, attend seminars, and, of course, buy some new books.


9. Marcha del Orgullo Gay

A colorful parade filled with energetic music, glitter, and unique costumes celebrates sexual diversity and equal rights. The parade culminates in a large celebration in the streets, held every November.

10. Creamfields

An absolute must for electronic and dance music lovers, this is one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals. With open-air stages, thousands of party-goers come to see some of the most famous international and local musicians and DJs, partying until the sun comes up.


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