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Top 10 Bars in Palermo

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Top 10: Bars - Palermo

As you are probably well aware of, Palermo is the hip place to be in Buenos Aires. It is no surprise, then, that the bar scene in Palermo is absolutely thriving. Young porteños from all over the city come to this trendy barrio to whet their whistles, knowing that a good time is guaranteed in Palermo. While the area is largely residential, it also has several commercial streets, packed with shops, restaurants, and of course: bars. While bars are always vacillating in popularity, this neighborhood has no shortage of cool new places to see and be seen. With something for everyone, here are the top bars to check out while in Palermo.

1. Acabar

One of the first bars to hit the scene once Palermo was turning into the hotspot it is today, this remains one of the most popular bars in the area. Come to enjoy a drink over a board game, or simply enjoy some good conversation and delicious bar food.

2. Mundo Bizarro

You may feel like you’re actually in Southern California while in this funky bar, from the eclectic street art décor to the tattooed bartenders, whose drinks will knock your socks off.

3. Bar 6

Bar 6 may appear too cool for school at first, with its minimalist décor, but the atmosphere is nothing if not friendly and relaxed. The drinks and light fare are delicious, as well.

4. Soul Café

With a varied menu and an equally varied playlist, the house DJ will entertain your ears while you nibble on sushi or any of the other options on the menu. This was one of the first resto-bars in the area, and it continues to thrive.

5. Green Bamboo

While Green Bamboo is part restaurant, part bar, its drinks are the most unique of its offerings. Concocted from fresh juices, spices, and a variety of other creative ingredients, the cocktails are out of this world. Their Vietnamese cuisine is equally delightful, all within a vibrant setting.

6. Crónico Bar

You can tell this place is a good time before you even come inside, as the façade shows the interior to all the outside world. A favorite watering hole of young porteños, this bar is often packed with thirsty clients.

7. Carnal

Right across the street from some of the hottest clubs in Palermo, Carnal is a popular choice for starting the night. Airy and trendy, it is most popular in the warmer months of the year. Grab a bite to eat here, too; the menu is quite good.

8. Kim y Novak

The crowd at Kim y Novak is as mixed as the décor, made up of various plush vintage furniture pieces. The dimly lit lounge is perfect for a fancy drink with good company.

9. Genoma

Tex-Mex may seem out of place in many Buenos Aires travel guides, but it has certainly found a following. This fun bar has made a name for itself within the otherwise very trendy Palermo, with leopard-print furniture and an outdoor patio.

10. 878

On the “other side” of Avenida Córdoba, this bar is not too far out of the way for Palermo’s hipsters. It seats only about 50 people, but always seems to fill up nicely.

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