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Top 10: bars and restaurants in Retiro

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Top 10: bars and restaurants - Microcentro, Retiro, and Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero, the recently reinvented neighborhood along the river, is chock full of some fine eateries, and a nighttime walk along the diques is a wonderful way to end an evening while you enjoy Buenos Aires. Retiro and the Microcentro are also full of hidden gems, great for a relaxed lunch, an after work drink, or even a delicious dinner. Here are the best places to eat in these areas.

1. La Cigale

Not your average bar, this microcentro hangout is full of poets and intellectuals. Come here to soak up some ambient electronic and bossa nova tunes while you sip on your favorite beverage.

2. Cabaña Las Lilas

Known as one of the absolute best steakhouses in town, Cabaña Las Lilas has a way of breaking the bank with its incredible menu. One taste, though, and you won’t even think about the cost. Come for lunch for most digestible prices. Recommended in ever Buenos Aires travel guide.

cabana-las-lilas-buenos aires

3. Sabot

This restaurant is all about the details, and every little thing reaches a delightful degree of perfection. Their fish is especially good, ask the friendly servers for a great pairing off their wine list.


With both the standard toppings and some inventive choices as well, FILO is a pizza and salad joint where the only difficult thing is choosing what you will eat. Come here to see some art exhibitions, as well.


5. Dadá

The funky décor of Dadá lives up to its name, and this friendly restaurant has a welcoming yet upscale feel. The modern Argentine fusion cuisine is never disappointing, and the specials menu always adds a little extra zeal to the already eclectic menu.

6. Tribeca

This restaurant focuses on modern Argentine cuisine, specializing in (of course) meat and pasta. The fish is another menu highlight, and wine is chosen from the posh wine boutique.

7. Tomo I

The ambiance here is nothing less than grand, and you will enjoy exquisite porteño dishes prepared with an elegant flair. Recognized in many Buenos Aires travel guides as one of the top restaurants of the city. For more information about this restaurant, see this Buenos Aires travel guide.

8. El Patio

Local cuisine shines here, and it is just plain delicious. Unpretentious and affordable, the food here is simple and delectable, and always brings in a large crowd.

9. Florida Garden

Another porteño restaurant with history, this was once one of Borges and friends’ favorite pizza places. While the interior has since been updated, it still lingers with conversations past. Probably the best coffee in Buenos Aires.


10. Hip Bar

One of the prime choices for an after work drink, happy hour starts at 6 p.m., as does the upbeat music and flow of local office workers. Come earlier in the day for a satisfying lunch.

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