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Top 10 Avenida Corrientes

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Top 10: Avenida Corrientes

Avenida Corrientes is one of the busiest streets in town, home to the city’s major theatres, some incredible bookstores, and myriad other shops. Cafes and restaurants round out the avenue’s locales, and they are full from morning until the wee hours of the night. Take a walk down this bustling street, and soak up all it has to offer. Don’t miss the following places, while you’re there.

1. Gandhi Galerna

One of the best bookstores on Corrientes (and that’s saying a lot), this place offers an incredible selection, and a side of buena onda. Upstairs you can catch a play on the weekends.

2. Rigoletto Curioso

Those looking for something out of the ordinary will be right at home here. Pop memorabilia and reproductions are sold here, including some great artifacts from the glory days of Corrientes’ theatres.

3. Güerrin

One of the oldest pizza places in town, this restaurant is as popular as always. Come in for a quick bite at the stand-up bar, or have a seat in the back for table service. Their empanadas and pizza are as good as they were nearly 100 years ago.

4. Zum Edelweiss

Still run by the German family that founded it, Zum Edelweiss maintains the feeling of 1930s Corrientes, when the restaurant and beerhouse was established. Enjoy a cold brew and some great grub here.

5. Teatro La Metropolitan

Recognizable for its Art Deco design, this theatre brings Broadway to Buenos Aires, both literally and in style; both local and international shows are featured here.

6. Bombonera Bombonella

The chocolately goodness that stares at you through this confection house’s windows has been known to stop people in their tracks. Both delicious and showy, anything you buy here is sure to delight.

7. Teatro San Martín

Incredible facilities make up this theatre, which shows art-house films, world-class ballets, and other theatrical productions. It is run by the state, and well maintained and programmed.

8. Cadore

One of the first ice cream shops in town, this family-run business was actually started in Italy, before being brought over to Buenos Aires 80 years later. Over 50 years old, it still churns out some of the best ice cream in town.

9. Teatro Gran Rex

An architectural beauty, this theatre is known not only for its structure, but for those who come to play here, as well. Built in 1937, it has since hosted numerous world-class musicians and actors. For more information about the teatro gran rex, see this Buenos Aires Travel Guide.

10. Correo Central

Though it is no longer the central post office, it once was, and was built with all the grandeur such an important building deserves. The 1928 building still maintains its Beaux Arts beauty.

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