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Top 10 Argentine Artisan Shops

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Top 10: Argentine Artisan Shops

Argentina is a large country, with an expansive history. Because of the many different regions, and the different cultures that are spread throughout the country, it’s no wonder that handicrafts are an important part of Argentine culture. Leather is especially good here, and taking home a mate gourd is the ultimate Argentine souvenir. There are many shops in Buenos Aires that sell goods from all over the country, representing today’s finest crafts and traditional products that characterize the history of the various regions of Argentina. Here are the best places to poke around in when visiting Buenos Aires.

1. Casa López

Locally regarded as one of the best leather stores, this is the ultimate handbag shop. There are many different styles offered, all handmade, and porteños consider this one of the best quality stores out there.

2. Kelly’s

This shop has gained a great reputation over its 50 years in business. It has a variety of souvenir-type items; if you need something Argentine to take home, this is the place to go. It has an especially great selection of mates, in many different colors, styles, and prices.

3. Mission

Surrounded by hip new fashion boutiques and restaurants, this store stands out as pure traditional country. Gauchos would feel right at home here, surrounded by leather goods, artisan, gaucho-style knife sets, and a variety of home furnishings. Even if you’re not looking to buy, it’s a great look into the country, in the heart of the city.

4. Plata Lappas

Plata means “silver” in Spanish, and this store is chock-full of it. From crystal-ware adorned with silver embellishments to intricately designed silverware, this store has it all. Bringing a bit more of traditional Argentina to the table, it also features longhorn-cattle drinking gourds, accented with silver.

5. El Boyero

Leather, leather and more leather can be found here, from handbags to accessories to wine bottle carriers. Other gaucho items are also sold, such as knives and other knick-knacks.

6. La Vitrina

In the midst of many other souvenir shops, this one might have some of the best deals around. Check out the wall tapestries and the clothing especially, although the other offerings are worth looking at, as well. For more information about shopping in Buenos Aires, see this Buenos Aires Travel Guide.

7. Estación Sur

Not only great in size, but also in quality, Estación Sur is three levels of well-made Argentine wares. Hats, housewares, mates, knick-knacks, and even handmade horse saddles are for sale, all made with expert care.

8. Joyería Paula Levy / Viviana Carriquiry

This upscale jeweler’s shop features the work of two designers, who make some of the finest silver jewelry available. The artists work in the same building, and their unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants are sold at a reasonable price.

9. Ramos Generales

This particular store is pure quality. They accept only the best of the best, so you know whatever you purchase here will last for years. They have a variety of items, mostly clothing, including hats, scarves, and sweaters, all made from materials local to Argentina.

10. Joyería Isaac Katz

More specific to Buenos Aires, this is the shop of one of the best jewelry designers in the city. Isaac Katz is known for his work with semi-precious stones, which he sets with Argentina’s fine silver.

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