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Tango festival 2011

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Every year in Buenos Aires the month of August marks a citywide celebration of Buenos Aires tango festival music and dance. Competitors, fans and enthusiasts come from all over the world to join in the tango fun. The celebration is split into two parts: a festival of tango with free events, exhibitions and concerts. Then there is also the Tango World Championships where couples compete to be crowned tango world champions.

This year, 2011, is the Ninth Buenos Aires tango festival and it has become a classic part of Argentina’s cultural calendar. Tango fans and competitors wait and prepare all year for tango festival. The Tango World Championships are a unique competition that draws the best dancers from all over the world. It isn’t just Argentines who compete in their national dance, but dancers from Japan, Colombia, Canada, Russia, and China to name but a few come to show off their moves: all competing for the glory and $ 30,000 Argentine peso prize.

This year 325 pairs had to be whittled down to just one winner, a judging process that takes days to process. One of the best things about the World Championships and Tango Festival is that entrance to the events and shows is free and open to all. Tickets to see dancers competing, even in the finals and semi-finals, are free to the public. However, you have to get in their quickly as tickets sell out fast. For the finals and semi-finals of this year’s competition 20,000 tickets sold out soon after they were put on sale. If you don’t manage to get a ticket to one of the competition stages then don’t worry as there is still plenty to see and do. For example, the exhibition on the legendary tango singer, Carlos Gardel, called ‘From the man to the myth.’ Plus there are also free workshops and tango dance classes open to everyone from beginner to expert. Free concerts are also constantly being performed where you can dance along with a partner or sit and enjoy.

In the exhibition hall in Recoleta there is also a tango fair and market where tango paraphernalia from specialists in on sale. Everything from dainty tango shoes, sequined stockings, hats, shirts and dresses are on display. The spirit and passion behind the Buenos Aires tango festival and World Championships in Buenos Aires shows that the porteño city is still the cradle and global capital of tango. Take a look at Buenos Aires travel guide for more information on tango music, dancing and its history.

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