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San Antonio de Areco

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The province of Buenos Aires is home to many quaint and serene farming towns that are scattered throughout the flat and humid pampas and home to residents that have continued to live the most peaceful sort life, living off the land and keeping to tradition. San Antonio de Areco, located in the north of the province, is one of these types of towns and if you are looking to visit a traditional, picturesque, and beautiful farming town, this is it.

Only 113km drive from the city of Buenos Aires, and a great day or weekend trip, San Antonio de Areco is one of the provinces oldest farms towns. Nestled in the humid pampas and on the banks of the Areco Stream, this area of Buenos Aires has a similar temperature to the capital with winters never reaching much below zero degrees and summers showing highs of 35 degrees, with even higher levels of humidity.


This small town has a city centre that is outfitted with antique homes and buildings that have been restored and renewed over the years, keeping the look of the times when most of them were built but looking surprisingly new and well-kept. The town is best described as compact, empty of noisy automobile traffic but full of local residents and visitors biking or walking to their next destination. Local shops sell handicrafts, locally made clothing, leathers, and silver, plus various foods and drink made in the region such as fresh fruit marmalade or delicious Argentine stew.

People in San Antonio de Areco are friendly and welcoming, taking pride in showing off their local traditions and customs to visitors, proudly displaying the type of life lived here in the farming town. It is not uncommon to see men wearing traditional guacho (cowboy) clothing and berets, adding a character to the atmosphere in the town and truly making you feel a long way from the hustle and bustle of modern day Buenos Aires. This is the type of town where everyone knows your name, you greet the people who pass you on the street, and where you will receive nothing but hospitality in every place you go.


One of the highlights of visiting San Anotonio de Areco is seeing its annual Dia de la Tradición (Tradition Day), held in late November, where the towns’ people dress up in the most traditional of gaucho gear and celebrate their history with parades, horse shows, folkloric concerts, historical tours, and craft exhibitions.


Museo Gauchesco Ricardo Guiraldes

This gaucho inspired museum features everything gaucho, putting visitors in a sort of gaucho world where a farm house is featured, horse riding gear, traditional art, and much more. Definitely worth a visit for those who are inspired by the gaucho way of life.

Museo y Taller Draghi

This half museum, half workshop features some magnificent silver work as well as horse riding gear to the public, much of it available for purchase.

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