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Buenos Aires has a wealth of culinary options spread throughout the city.  No matter where you find yourself, you are sure to have a good place to eat nearby; however, certain areas are known for certain specialties.  Many of the better known parrillas are located in Costanera Norte and the Puerto Madero districts.  Several Spanish restaurants can be found in the area surrounding Avenida de Mayo.  Avenida Corrientes houses the most famed and traditional pizzerias (pizza places).  You will find the more gourmet, sophisticated and exotic dishes in the upscale restaurants of Plaza Cortázar, Palermo Hollywood, Recoleta and Las Cañitas neighborhoods.

What makes a good dining experience is quite subjective and varies with each individual’s taste in food and ambiance.   The following is a short listing of some of the more popular restaurants that are highly rated by both food critics and customers:

Café San Juan – Avenida San Juan 450, San Telmo, 4300-1112
Open: Tuesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner
Cuisine: Spanish/Creole
Located a couple of blocks off the main tourist track in San Telmo, this small family restaurant attracts customers for its tapas, rabbit and hare specialties, and bountiful pasta dishes and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Estilo Campo - Alicia Moreau de Justo 1840, Puerto Madero,  4312-4546
Open: Daily lunch and dinner
Cuisine: Parrilla (Argentine)
Elegantly rustic with beautiful riverside views, this parrilla has it all: the traditional beef asado and steak, as well as other Argentine barbecue specialties such as pork, goat and Patagonian lamb.  Homemade pastas, fresh vegetables and luscious homemade desserts roundout the menu.

Gioia – Posadas 1350 (inside the Park Hyatt Hotel), Recoleta, 5171-1330
Open: Sunday – Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. to midnight; Thursday – Saturday: 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Cuisine: Italian
It’s beautiful terrace is ideal to enjoy a summer evening dinner of Italian antipasto followed by a delicious risotto, pasta or pink salmon dish and topped off by the house tiramisu specialty.

La Bourgogne – Ayacucho 2027 (Inside the Alvear Palace Hotel), Recoleta, 4808-2100
Open: Monday-Friday, lunch and dinner; Saturday, dinner
Cuisine: French
Sheer elegance abounds in this French restaurant housed in the majestic Alvear Palace Hotel.  Fish, lamb, deer, rabbit and duck are all amongst its specialties.

La Cabrera – Cabrera 5099, Palermo, 4831-7002
Open: Tuesday – Sunday, 11 a.m. to closing
Cuisine: Parrilla (Argentine)
This highly popular parrilla is best known for its generous portions of perfectly cooked high quality meats served with numerous interesting side plates.  The provoleta de queso de cabra (grilled goat cheese) and mollejas (sweetbreads) are house specialties.

Oviedo – Beruti 2602, Barrio Norte, 4821-3741
Open: Daily for lunch and dinner
Cuisine: Spanish
Within its pleasant ambiance you can enjoy the best of Iberian cooking which highlights cod, sole, sea bass and other fresh seafood.  Beef, rabbit and lamb adorned with wild mushrooms are also a part of the menu.  The extensive wine list is among the best in the city.

Restó – Montevideo 938, Recoleta, 4816-6711
Open: Monday – Friday, lunch; Thursday and Friday, dinner
Cuisine: Chef’s Specialties (European/Argentine)
Tucked away inside the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, this restaurant serves a limited but exquisitely prepared menu which changes daily. Stuffed quail, white salmon and pig with artichokes are among the specialties served with superb sauces.

Sarkis – Thames 1101, Villa Crespo (a block from Palermo), 4772-4911
Open: Daily from 12 – 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Cuisine:  Armenian/Arabe/Turkish
This family-style restaurant serves great Middle Eastern food in abundant portions for a very fair price.  The tabbouleh, falafel, shish-kebab, keppe, and a variety of mezes are specialties.  Your meal can be topped off with baklava or one of their other nut-filled pastries.

Thymus – Lerma 525 (+ Malabia), Villa Crespo (a block from Palermo), 4772-1936
Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 p.m. - closing
Cuisine: Chef’s Specialties (Argentine)
The romantic and soothing environment is paired with aromatic gourmet dishes flavored with fresh herbs grown in the rooftop garden.  Grilled loin of pork or Patagonian trout can be savored along with one of the 70 wines available on the wine list.

Tomo I - Carlos Pellegrini 521, Centro (downtown), 4326-6695/6698
Open: Monday – Friday, lunch and dinner; Saturday, dinner
Cuisine:  Chef’s Specialties (Argentine)
For many, this is haute cuisine at its very best, with truly fresh ingredients cooked to perfection.  Homemade duck-filled raviolis, fresh fish, goat and lamb dishes are among the delicacies to be savored.

For more information on these and hundreds more restaurants in Buenos Aires, you can consult an online restaurant guide.  The most comprehensive is Guía Oleo, where you can search for restaurants by name, cuisine, location, rating, etc.  As it is a consumer based guide, most of the restaurant reviews are written by locals in Spanish, but the rating icons used to rate food, service and atmosphere are easy to read.

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