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Museum of Evita

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Evita is one of the most important figures in Argentina. She has become a hero of the lower classes and her image has been replicated millions of times over. When traveling in Argentina, you’re guaranteed to see her smiling face plastered on a poster or t shirt somewhere. Madonna’s Hollywood interpretation of Eva Duarte de Perón’s (Evita’s real name) life and death, in the film Evita, brought her image and fascinating story to the world’s attention. However, to discover the genuine background and life story of Eva Perón, the Museum of Evita is the only place to go.

You’ll find the Museum of Evita (in Spanish, Museo Evita) on the Lafinur Street in the Palermo neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from the Botanical Gardens. The museum was opened on the 26th July 2002, the 50th Anniversary of her untimely death from cancer in 1952.  Fitting for a woman of such good taste and style, the Evita Museum is housed in a stunning old petit-hotel that was constructed in the early 20th Century. The large town house was refurbished by the architect Estanislao Pirovano who gave it elements of Spanish and Italian renaissance.


The property was donated to the Eva Perón Social Aid Foundation in 1948 and it went on to serve as women’s shelter. Impoverished women from the interior of Argentina would seek help, work, healthcare and shelter in this halfway house. The building was later converted into a museum and it was the granddaughter of Evita, Cristina Alvarez Rodríguez, who was in charge of creating and inaugurating this charming museum, giving the museum a personal, family feel that is really moving.

The museum’s collection includes; photos, newspaper cuttings and personal objects of Eva Perón such as, dresses, handbags, shoes, hats and toys. The beautiful designer dresses exhibited in the museum show the style and international fame that she achieved in her lifetime. The collection covers her entire life, from her humble birth in Los Toldos (a small town in rural Argentina) to her death as an important political and celebrity figure in Buenos Aires. The exhibits in the museum also give an insight into the ideological, social and political beliefs of this ambitious woman who captured the hearts of the Argentine nation.

Evita Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 7pm. There are guided tours available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, which can be booked via telephone: 0054 11- 4807-0306 or via email: contacto@museoevita.org  .The Evita Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Buenos Aires and is an unmissable museum to understand this important Argentinean figure. The museum is also part of the Mile of Museums (in Spanish, Milla de los Museos) so it could be included in a tour of other museums in the Palermo/Recoleta area. Take a look at Buenos Aires travel guide for more information on Evita.

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