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Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires - MALBA

Latin American art has a diverse and interesting past, and to this day continues to be distinct from the rest of the art world. Unfortunately, it is a region of the world that is frequently skimmed over in art history classes, with preference generally given to Europe or even North America.

In Buenos Aires, however, locals and visitors alike have a wonderful resource for exploring the talent and development that exists on this great southern continent: the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, or, more commonly - MALBA.

MALBA is world-renowned as having one of the best and most comprehensive collections of Latin American art. The official mission of the MALBA is to “collect, preserve, research and promote Latin American art from the onset of the 20th century to the present.” And that it does. It strives to educate both the local and international community about the importance of Latin American artists, as well as about the diversity of culture on this large continent, especially related to art.

The not-for-profit institution regularly holds art and film exhibitions and functions as a vibrant cultural center, holding and developing many cultural activities for the city. Admission is affordable, making it an accessible cultural resource for everyone interested.

It is also famous for The Costantini Collection, the museum’s permanent body of work. It is a selection of over 200 works, from sculptures and objects to paintings and drawings, representing 78 artists from Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica and Chile. The diversity found within the collection allows for comparisons among the different countries and their native artists, exposing the differences and similarities. It provides a cross-section of the modern Latin American art history.


As it is well known that Latin American art is rarely given the credit it deserves, MALBA works to instill Latin American art into the international art scene, and to constantly learn more about the cultural needs of the public, as well as provide answers to those needs. It believes knowledge is power, and is constantly looking to spread knowledge about Latin American culture and art.

Guest curators are often brought in for the regularly rotating exhibitions, ensuring that the museum sees a variety of work from many points of view.  Check for other attractions in this Buenos Aires travel guide.

The building itself is beautiful, designed by the renowned Argentine architectural firm, AFT Archictects. It features a sleek façade with dramatic lights and an energetic fountain. The museum is located in Recoleta, among the parks of the neighborhood. See this Argentina Travel guide for more information about the different areas of the city.

Visit the museum on Wednesdays for discounted admission and extended hours. It is a great look into an often underappreciated side of Latin American culture, and Buenos Aires, being the diverse, culturally rich, cosmopolitan city that it is, is the perfect home for this incredible resource.

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