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Buenos Aires is known as the most European and metropolitan city in Latin America, and as such, it is also the most open-minded and gay friendly city in the region.  In recent years, Buenos Aires has become an attractive destination for the gay community.  Some places cater directly to the gay community, while others have declared themselves “gay friendly”.  Buenos Aires received the 2006 PlanetOut Travel Award for being the “Best International Destination”.  The magazine, Spanish Zero, dubbed Buenos Aires “the new mecca of gay tourism”.  From lodging, to restaurants and nightclubs, Buenos Aires has several spots where gay travelers are sure to feel welcomed.


There are a variety of gay and gay friendly options available in Buenos Aires, from a five star hotel to hostels.  There are also apartment rental services geared toward the gay community through which you can rent an apartment on a short-term basis for the length of time you need.  These apartments are usually located in the best areas of Buenos Aires.

Axel Hotel Buenos Aires
Venezuela 649, San Telmo, 4136-9393
This five-star hotel, part of the Axel Hotel chain, was created and designed for the gay community.  It features 48 exclusively designed, sound proof, heat and air conditioned rooms with king size beds.  It offers a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, two bars, and meeting rooms for business and private events.

Buenos Aires Habitat - Luxury Apartment Rentals
Buenos Aires Call Center + (54-11)4815-8662 / 4816-6405
USA Call Center + (1-305)735-2223

Buenos Aires Habitat offers hotel-style apartments in Buenos Aires, with an exclusive selection of fashionable, conveniently located apartments in Recoleta, Palermo, San Telmo, Plaza San Martin, Puerto Madero, Las Cañitas, and Belgrano. Combining the convenience of the finest locations with the ease of having a true “home away from home,” Buenos Aires Habitat provides a refreshing alternative to the standardized hotel room.

Apreas Guest House
Balbín 2419, Belgrano
Introducing a new concept in bed and breakfast places, this modern house features charming bedrooms in loft duplexes, continental breakfast, wi-fi internet access and free subway passes.  It is located in a quiet and safe residential neighborhood but close to everything including the subway and train stations.

Bayres Gay Bed and Breakfast
Avenida Córdoba 5842, Palermo, 4772-3877
Located in an older art-deco house which has been refurbished and decorated in a modern decor, this bed and breakfast caters to a gay, lesbian and bisexual clientele.

Lugar Gay Bed and Breakfast
Defensa 1120, San Telmo
This bed and breakfast is located in a turn of the 19th century house in San Telmo.  It has been fully refurbished and restored for maximum comfort.

Cafés and Restaurants

Chueca Downtown
Alsina 975, Montserrat, 4331-1702
This restaurant offers a varied lunch menu on weekdays.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights a dinner show is performed for a mostly, but not exclusively, gay audience.  Reservations are recommended.

Goût Café
Juncal 2124, Recoleta, 4825-8330
This French style café is owned and managed by an Argentine gay couple.  It features different coffees, delicious pastries, filled crepes, and fish, meat and chicken dishes.

Libertad 1078, Barrio Norte, 4812-0690
Part of an international restaurant chain born in Italy, this pizzeria offers excellent
thin-crust pizza and pastas in a fun and comfortable atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and where artistic activities are promoted.

Pride Café
Balcarce 869, San Telmo, 4300-6435
One of the few gay places open during the day.  Enjoy sipping one of their unique coffees outdoors with a special sandwich or homemade cake as you enjoy San Telmo’s bohemian atmosphere.

Gorriti 5092, Palermo, 4833-7832
This gay friendly restaurant offers an intimate romantic atmosphere and good international cuisine.

Bars and Nightclubs

Gascon 1040, Palermo, 4895-4416
This gay disco has two dance floors, one plays electronic music while the other features 90’s hits and latin music.  Open Thursday through Sunday nights, the cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights includes free drinks.

Bach Bar
Cabrera 4390, Palermo Viejo, 15-5184-0137
This bar has been part of the gay and lesbian scene for over fifteen years.  It features different shows and events each Wednesday through Sunday night.

Bulnes Class
Bulnes 1250, Palermo, 4861-7492
This trendy gay lounge and bar, located half a block from Avenida Córdoba, plays good music.  It has an after office on Thursdays starting at 7 p.m.. Friday and Saturday nights the fun starts at 11 p.m..  Live shows are performed on Saturday nights.

Kim y Novak
Güemes 4900, Palermo, 4773-7521
This smalll, gay friendly bar is located in what used to be the transvestite red light district of Buenos Aires.  It attracts a unique mix of characters: people in the television and film industry, those with retro, trendy and dark looks, transvestites and others.

Avenida Córdoba 4119, Palermo, 4861-3763
This gay bar, considered the biggest in Buenos Aires, has a mixed crowd of gays and lesbians in their 20s and 30s.  It opens at 10:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays and offers drag shows on the weekdays.  It is located two blocks from Amerik.

The places listed above are just some of the gay and gay friendly sites in Buenos Aires.

The organizers of “Brandon Gay Day” have created a multi-space called Casa Brandon located at Luis María Drago 236 in Villa Crespo.  This is an open house offering exhibits, film screenings, and concerts.  It serves as a meeting place for the gay community.

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