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Eating Healthy in Buenos Aires

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With so much steak and tasty meaty treats on the menu in Buenos Aires, it can be difficult to eat a healthy balanced diet and to not pile on the pounds in Buenos Aires. Luckily, Buenos Aires Travel Guide has compiled a guide to the best places in Buenos Aires to eat delicious food without having to worry about your waistline.

Krishna, As you can guess from the name, this charming restaurant next to Plaza Armenia in Palermo serves up Indian inspired, Hindu cuisine. Being true to its Hindu roots, Krishna serves only vegetarian fare and no alcohol. The dishes here are full of flavour, spice and are light and not too calorific. The interior design of Krishna is also really exotic with its low tables and cushion chairs. Malabia 1833, Palermo

Magendie Ciencias Naturales, This cafe and restaurant offers some tasty, French/International style cuisine. This is the place to go if you are looking for hearty but healthy soups, great homemade bread and delicious smoothies filled with antioxidants.   Honduras 5900, Palermo

magendie-restaurant buenos aires

Arevalito, This is a haute cuisine restaurant with a difference: it only serves vegetarian food. Arevalito opened four years ago and the unusual menu has endured the test of time, which is quite an achievement in such a meat-centric country like Argentina. Everyday guests at Arevalito can choose from five options on the menu that change everyday. The imaginative quiches and pies are the stars on the menu and expect to enjoy the freshest of ingredients here. Arévalo 1478, Palermo Hollywood

Naturaleza Sabia, This organic and vegetarian restaurant opened quite recently in 2010 and it has already become famous for its delicious lentil burgers served with tomato salsa, cheese, quinoa and sauteed vegetables. Naturaleza Sabia also serves more gourmet dishes inspired bt Mediterranean cuisine. The drink menu is varied and extensive: they serve energizing juices, ales and organic wines. Balcarce 958, San Telmo

Another option for Eating Healthy in Buenos Aires is trying La Reina Kunti, Moving away from Palermo we have the Reina Kunti restaurant that serves tasty and very reasonably priced vegetarian indian cuisine. This is a great place to enjoy a light lunch with a kick and you can choose from a selection of samosas, pakora, chutneys, salads and koftis. Lunch here is served until 4pm and then they reopen for dinner at 8pm. One of the main attractions to this restaurant is the cool roof terrace section.  Humahuaca 3461, Almagro


Siempre Verde, This is a great Healthy vegetarian option in Buenos Aires Chinatown. The interior or atmosphere may not be that great but the menu is well worth a look and you’ll be impressed by the service. The place is small and the decor, simple, but the main attraction is the unusual foods and ingredients used, such as shitake mushrooms and soy meat. Arribeños 2127, Belgrano

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