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Retiro - San Martin Square

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Beautiful and sophisticated Retiro is one of those neighbourhoods that you just can’t help but be envious of with its wide avenues, tree-lined narrow streets, and very wealthy apartments and commercial buildings. Only home to about 2% of the Buenos Aires population, the ritzy neighbourhood of Retiro, offers visitors a few great sights to see and a chance to experience how the ‘wealthy’ of Argentina live.

Once the wealthiest neighbourhoods in all of Buenos Aires and where some of the city’s most extravagant mansions were located, Retiro has transformed over the years, perhaps losing its status as “the” wealthiest area but still keeping its very sophisticated and luxurious image. Bordering both Recoleta and Barrio Norte, Retiro today has a mix of beautiful antique and modern apartments, upper-class restaurants, world-class shopping streets and centres, and a few of the city’s best art galleries and museums. Make sure to read the other great neighborhoods listed in this Buenos Aires travel guide.

Retiro - San Martin Square

Sometimes hard to define, the neighbourhood borders of small Retiro are as follows: Avenida Libertador, Avenida 9 de Julio, Cordoba, Avenida Alvear, Avenida President Figueroa Alcora, and Jeronimo Salguero. Retiro is also home to the famous Retiro Train and Bus Station, where both local and national buses and trains arrive and depart from, as well as where thousands of city travelers cross through everyday. One of the unusual features of Retiro is that the Retiro Station borders one of the city’s villas (poor neighbourhood), only divided by train tracks, and creates a fairly odd divide between the very wealthy and the very poor. Plaza San Martin is also located in Retiro; a large park and plaza, this is a very common spot for professionals who work nearby in downtown to come and enjoy lunch, sit in the sun, or pass through on the way to Retiro Station. The plaza features a statue of San Martin himself, Argentina’s liberator, Torre de los Ingleses (British Clock Tower, and numerous beautiful and very old trees.


Down Avenida Libertador you can find fancy cafes and restaurants, the Patio Bullrich mall, that houses many expensive shops, and rows upon rows of the neighbourhoods apartments. Avenida Libertador turns into Avenida President Figueroa which is where the MALBA, Law University (UBA), and Museo de Shoa are located, three major sites to see when visiting Retiro. Down Avenida Pres.Figuero is where the majority of the city’s embassies are located, most in old houses or mansions, well-kept, and beautiful to see on a walking tour of the neighbourhood.

The best way to visit Retiro is to start at one end and walk your way to the other. Many of the avenues are beautiful to walk down and there is a lot to see and do along the way. If you get tired, just stop into one of the cafes or restaurants to have a quiet coffee, relax, and take in the elegant nature of Retiro.



UBA Law University

Museo de Shoa

Museo Municipal de Arte Hispanoamericano

Patio Bullrich Shopping Centre

Restaurants & bars

Gran Bar Danzon

This trendy and happening bar is located on the outskirts of Retiro and offers a great atmosphere, incredible drink menu, and funky and delicious food.

Empire Bar

This Thai infusion restaurant is one of the best thai restos/bars in the city. A laid-back vibe, funky tables and chairs, and a simple but great menu make this place a repeat among residents.


This funky Italian restaurant/lounge offers clients great Italian food and an equally great and very artistic atmosphere.


Hotel Central Cordoba

The hotel is centrally located, and offers clean rooms for good prices.

Howard Johnson Plaza

One of the top-end hotels, Howard Johnson offers incredible rooms in a hotel that includes everything with an extensive list of amenities.

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