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Palermo Soho

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One of the sub-neighbourhoods of Palermo, Palermo Soho, is definitely the trendiest, hippest, and youngest of the Palermo areas, home to long shopping streets, unique cafes, bars, and restaurants, and some of the best boutique shopping around.

Palermo Soho is the area located around the very famous oval Plaza Serrano, somewhere in the streets of Serrano and Honduras. This area began its popularity about 7-8 years ago when older houses and mansions were reconstructed and made into trendy and stylish apartments, restaurants, and shops, and soon after, both locals and foreigners began infiltrating the area. Many of the streets are still made of cobblestone and are narrow and tree-lined, giving the area a unique feeling of walking down the antique streets of Paris or Madrid, yet with a modern Latin American twist. The streets run like a graph between Santa Fe and Cordoba, with both Serrano and Honduras outlining the centre point and running into the round shaped Plaza Serrano where the majority of the action does down in Palermo Soho.

Plaza Serrano is a round shaped plaza, with a circular area in the middle that is home to a weekend arts and crafts fair, as well as an artist’s circle where local painters display and sell their art. Around the plaza are numerous bars and restaurants, each offering an outside patio, some with a rooftop overlooking the plaza, and each very alternative-trendy and serving up an array of restaurant/pub food with various drinks. During the day, some of the restaurants and bars divide themselves up into clothing stores where local merchants can reserve a table or even a booth, to display their clothing, while diner’s sit outside on the patio and shopper’s shop inside. During the night, the clothing and accessories are exchanged for young hipsters that are looking for a fun night out in an alternative night scene, where both foreigners and locals mingle, and the pre-bar groups begin their night.

Plaza Serrano on the weekends turns into a clothing, arts and crafts fair where locals place everything from fashion clothing to traditional crafts from Argentina in various stands throughout the plaza. In the southwest corner of the plaza is where the artist’s hangout, displaying different forms of art on everything from canvas to fabric and often selling these works of art for a good price. Feel free to bargain for your goods in the plaza but don’t be surprised if the vendors do not seem eager to drop their prices; they know that there are enough foreigners that will buy their products at asking price.

Shopping in Palermo Soho is nothing less than a shopper’s dream land, offering up everything from the latest European fashions to bohemian style and concert t-shirts. Brands such as Levis, Diesel, Miss Sixty, Converse, Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Kenneth Cole, Christian Dior, etc, can be found here, as well as a myriad of local brands such as Rapsodia, Chocolate, and Akiabara. There are also a myriad of small boutiques that sell original and very unique clothing, great for those who like something different than what the trend setters are wearing, and who do not mind paying the pesos for it. Saying that, since the devaluation of the peso in 2001, the Argentine peso is very affordable to foreign currencies and still 8 years later those with a foreign dollar are able to take full advantage of the prices in Buenos Aires.

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Plaza Serrano

This is the number one place to start your tour of the Palermo Soho area.


Bar 6

A great bar only a few blocks from Plaza Serrano. Open day and night, Bar 6 offers up some great appetizers and main dishes, plus a great drink list.

Little Rose

One of the best sushi bars in the city, the very dark and mysterious Little Rose is situated upstairs in an old house and serves up both traditional and creative dishes of sushi and Japanese food.

Utopia Bar

This is one of Plaza Serrano’s typical restaurant/bars, that offers customers both inside, upstairs, and outside dining, a long drink menu and some pub-like Argentine food.

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