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Palermo Hollywood

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One of the newest editions to the great area of Palermo is Palermo Hollywood, known for its trendy lifestyle, affordable apartments, and fantastic restaurants and bars.

Divided by the railway track from Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood received its name in the mid-nineties when movies and video’s were being shot here, mostly because of the area’s beautiful old houses, apartments, and streets, and having some of the cheapest rent around. Today, the famous Palermo Hollywood is most popular to live, as it still has a cheaper rent than that of Palermo Soho or Palermo Viejo, and great variety of old but reconstructed houses and apartments, plus every kind of dining option at your fingertips.

Spreading down from Santa Fe to Cordoba and from the railway tracks to Dorrego, Palermo Hollywood is a small area with a big personality. The narrow cobblestones streets of this Buenos Aires neighborhood are lined with old apartment buildings and houses, many still serving as housing for the locals and others that have been reconverted into shops, restaurants, bars, and local businesses. Unlike Palermo Soho, you do not come here for incredible shopping options, but instead, Palermo Hollywood is home to many housing decoration stores as well as a myriad of furniture shops selling everything from antique furniture to the most modern pieces. Just on the border of Dorrego is an incredible furniture flea market that sells everything you can think of and if you like to scrounge through antiques, vintage goods, and just junk, or just love the vibe in a flea market, head here for the day.

The dining and bar scene is really when Palermo Hollywood comes alive. The especially cheap rent that was available years ago was a major reason why many restaurant or bar owners came here, bought or leased spaces, many being old houses and mansions, and then reconverted these houses and mansions into first class and totally trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can find everything here from Japanese to Vietnamese, Mexican to Indian, Pub food to American, Parilla to natural, traditional to modern, and the list goes on. If the neighbourhood seems peaceful in the day, just head here during the night or especially weekend nights and admire the large crowds waiting to enter into one of the area’s coolest establishments. Besides dining, there are a few good nightclubs that also see big crowds during the week and weekends, some that now have world wide reputation and are sought after by young travelers coming through the city. Even though Palermo Hollywood is a very stylish place to dine out, prices have not raised to the point that coming here is for only those who can afford it; prices range from really budget to mostly mid-range, with a few places hitting the high range level. For locals and foreigner’s alike, Palermo Hollywood is one of the most recent additions and now most popular places to head out on the town in Buenos Aires.


Green Bamboo

This very stylish, yet moderately priced Vietnamese restaurants hits a home run in both its atmosphere and cuisine, serving up some of the best mixed cocktails in town (made with fresh fruits) and offering a dark setting, floor and table seating, and plenty of mini Buddha’s and bamboo decorations.


This ultra-trendy Mexican restaurant in the heart of Palermo Hollywood offers incredible Mexican food, Margarita’s, and everything a great prices. There is always a line at this hot spot, so come early or be prepared to wait.


Probably the most expensive sushi restaurant in the city, Osaka offers a great and intimate dining area with nothing less than the best sushi and freshest ingredients. If you can, it’s worth the price.

Bars & Nightclubs


Described as one of the coolest bars in town, Congo has a great atmosphere inside and one of the best outdoor patios around, plus serves up both extensive cocktails and food menu, popular among the 25-35 crowd.

Kika Club

This wild nightclub features different styled nights for the days of the week, some hip hop nights, some 80’s, but there is almost always a line at the door and a guaranteed fun time inside.

Niceto Club

This world wide famous night club no doubt pushes the limits, offering wild party nights, including Thursday’s which are drag queen, transvestite, and anything goes night. No matter what your style, this club is a most see, and everyone thinks so; definitely a popular place among foreigners.


Right across the street from Niceto is Carnel, a great place to start out your night with drinks on their upstairs patio. The vibe is bohemian meets reggae.

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