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Reserva Ecologica

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Buenos Aires is a sprawling metropolis, overflowing with buildings and busy streets. Though there are many green parks and plazas throughout the city, none can compare to the wide, open spaces that are found in the Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur, or the Ecological Reserve.

The only reserve in the city of Buenos Aires, it is easily accessible by way of the shiny, new neighborhood of Puerto Madero, and is a fine place to catch a break from the masses in the city proper.

The Costanera Sur walkway, which runs along the coast of the city, continues along the reserve, making a sort of natural border. To the east sits the reserve, with all its open air greatness. The walkway is perfect for a stroll, although it is a bit busier than what you’ll find inside the actual reserve, lined with restaurants, benches and the ubiquitous happy couples of Buenos Aires. The architecture and various sculptures are a nice touch to it all. Unfortunately, this area also has its fair share of litter, but don’t let that discourage you from entering the reserve.

The formation of the reserve itself is quite interesting, and quite porteño, really. In the middle of the last century, many buildings were demolished to make room for new construction, and the remains of the old buildings and of the new constructions were dumped into the river. With time, the “garbage” mixed with the river’s sand, thereby creating the marsh, which acts as a foundation for the plants that soon began to grow. With the plants came wildlife, such as birds and various insects.


The reserve offers more than just interesting paths through green spaces, though, it offers the fascinating contrast between city and country. Peering over the greenery are the city’s high rises, or if you look to the east, you can see the river disappear into the horizon. There are various lookout points and telescopes for your viewing pleasure. For more information on Puerto Madero and other areas of Buenos Aires, visit this Buenos Aires Travel Guide.

Once you’ve stepped into the reserve you’ll instantly notice how much cleaner and calm the air is than in the big city. Grassy knolls mix in with the dirt paths, perfect for a picnic or a mate on a sunny afternoon. You’ll hardly remember that one of the largest cities in South America is just a short walk away.

There are two different ways to explore the reserve. If you plan to walk, it will take at least an hour, and that’s if you make no stops. And if you’re anything like most of the reserve’s visitors, you’ll want to take plenty of stops to enjoy the birds, the views, and the air in general.


Another option is going by bike. Bikes are available for rent (about $6 per hour) at the entrance of the reserve, and allow you to jump from lookout point to lookout point much more easily. Plus, when the air is this clean, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it blowing in your face.

Whether you’re a city lover or can’t wait to get into the country, the Ecological Reserve will undoubtedly be a welcome experience for anyone in Buenos Aires.

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