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Casa Rosada

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Inside the CASA ROSADA

The Casa Rosada Government House (the Pink House) looks onto the famous May Square (Plaza de Mayo) in the heart of Buenos Aires. The marshmallow pink exterior walls grab your attention and the stunning, elaborate, architectural design will leaving you staring in awe. This site of the government house is steeped in history as it has been the headquarters of the various different Argentine governments since the beginning of Post-colonial Argentine history.

The interior and exterior of the Argentine government house make it seem more like a palace. Visitors are allowed free entry into this historic building. Upon entering visitors are greeted with a reception hall that exhibits all the key players in Argentine and Latin American history. Portraits and busts of important figures have been donated from a variety of countries and the exhibition was created especially for the bicentenary celebrations. Guided tours with presidential guards are available for free, if you want to fully explore the upper levels of the palace. A uniformed officer will accompany around all the sophisticated state rooms. Information about famous and high-achieving Argentine scientists is also displayed for you to learn more about Argentine history. Visitors even get the chance to enter the Presidential office and look at Cristina Kirchner’s personal office. Getting this up close and personal feels really special and it’s an experience you won’t get close to in other countries.

Another highlight of the Casa Rosada is the impressive balcony that opens onto an optimum view of May Square and the detailed pavement and fountains that adorn it. This is the very balcony where Maradona greeted an enormous crowd after Argentina won the world cup. Evita’s husband Juan Perón also made a speech from this balcony, so you really feel that you soaking up Argentine history.

The construction of the Casa Rosada government house began in 1882 by order of President Julio Argentino Roca. However, it was President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento who initially painted the government house the pretty shade of pink that still characterises it today.

Rich in history, beautiful and unusual: Buenos Aires travel guide recommends you take a look at the Casa Rosada for yourself. During the Bicentenary celebration years (2010-2016) the Casa Rosada is open Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for free guided tours, in English and Spanish. The tour lasts 30 minutes and starts every 10 minutes. Check before you visit for availability: 11-4344-3804 or email museovisitasguiadas@presidencia.gov.ar

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