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Temporary rentals are in their greatest moment. Many factors have contributed to a recent boom in demand for such rentals, including foreign tourism, especially from Europe and USA.

Buenos Aires temporary apartment rentals

Tourists are not the only people who normally rent such units. Other tenants include business-people in town for short periods of time, students, and sometimes, people who are renovating their own homes. Buenos Aires Temporary rentals are a great option, as they are often cheaper than hotels.


To be competitive in this market, it is important to meet a couple of different requirements. Most important is the location: Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Belgrano, Palermo, Downtown, San Telmo, Puerto Madero, Plaza San Martin and Las Canitas are the most marketable areas, as they are centrally located and familiar to most potential tenants. It is essential to have good access to the rest of the city, as well as a high level of security.

Many renters also look for units close to universities, parks and plazas, and good restaurants. Active nightlife is another great selling point.

The condition of the apartment and its furnishings and equipment is also vital. The apartment must be bright and luminous, and the basics like cable television, internet, air conditioning, heating, a telephone, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a well-stocked kitchen are essential. Some owners also often provide a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service.


Regardless of how equipped the apartment is, prices can still vary dramatically, especially when considering if the unit is furnished or not. A furnished apartment in Recoleta will typically be around USD 1000 per month. That can go up to about USD 5000 if it is super-luxurious, depending on the specific unit and location.

Renting an apartment in Buenos Aires can save you money and give more space of a hotel of the same standard. Buenos Aires apartments are a smart and cost-effective alternative to stay in a hotel.

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