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Argentine School of Sommeliers

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Argentine School of Sommeliers (courses for tourists)

The Argentine School of Sommeliers is a well-established and well-respected institution that is pioneering the teaching of wines in Argentina. The school was founded reasonably recently, in 1999, however, during the last ten years the institution has diversified as an educational organisation. The impressive array of courses that are available and the modern setting make this school a fantastic place to take a course while you’re visiting Buenos Aires.

The Argentine School of Sommeliers (Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers) was set up in Buenos Aires, but has since spread its wings and opened sister schools in other parts of Latin America. The branches in Mendoza, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama show just how prestigious and international this institution is.

The school’s main field of expertise and speciality is obviously Argentine wine and the courses here are taught by top experts in the field, including sommeliers, oenologists and even vineyard managers.  The school was set up by Marina Beltrame, Argentina’s first master Sommelier and the renowned wine entrepreneur Georges Sabaté. Students here can do a variety of courses depending on how far they want to take their education in wine. You can take an undergraduate degree here or if you fancy just learning a bit more about how to enjoy, serve and taste wine then you can opt for the ‘Introduction to Wine Knowledge and Tasting’ course, which lasts one month. These courses are perfect for someone who is interested in the wine world in Argentina, who also wants to improve their Spanish a bit more. The courses are recommended for people who have a least an intermediate level Spanish so you can get the most out of your course. However, don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish, as the Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers also offers one-off tasting sessions and classes for tourists in a variety of languages, including English. Contact the Argentine School of Sommeliers to book a wine tasting class, if you are interested in tasting delicious Argentine wine under the guidance of a trained sommelier.

As well as the courses in Argentine wine, the school also offers a wide range of short courses that cover a range of gastronomic areas. The courses on offer include; coffee tasting; introduction to the world of beer; aperitifs, spirits and liquors; cheese tasting and even mate (the traditional, Argentine, herbal tea) tasting classes.

The downtown, central location combined with the modern design of the school make it a great place to learn more about the exciting tastes and smells of Argentine food and drink. With such a fantastic variety of classes you may stuck for which course to do. Buenos Aires travel guide has a whole host of information on the exciting world of Argentine wine.

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