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The Kavanagh Building

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The Kavanagh Building

The architectural diversity of Buenos Aires is spectacular. Every major era of modern architecture is represented with classic buildings dotted around the city. The Kavanagh Building in Retiro, Buenos Aires is a classic example of Thirties, art-deco and modernist architecture. The building occupies an entire triangular block and sits imposingly looking over the corner of San Martin Park.

The building’s unusual name comes from the woman who commissioned the skyscraper to be built, Carina Kavanagh. She invested all the money she had inherited to build her own high-rise building. It certainly turned out to be a sound investment. Corina’s Kavanagh Building went on to be honoured by the American Institute of Architects in 1939 and in 1999, was officially named as an Argentine National Historic Monument. Corina lived in the building’s biggest apartment that she reserved for herself until, in 1948, she sold her property to the banker Henry Roberts.


Built in just 14 months, this was, at the time, the tallest skyscraper in Latin America and has become part of the essence of Buenos Aires. The building was constructed from the inside out, which shows that the stunning exterior was the focus rather than the interior or functionality. Owing to this technique, all of the 105 apartments are unique and different from one another. The exclusive skyscraper is the home to a whole host of important political, cultural and famous figures and to give you an example of the luxuriousness of the homes inside; the smallest apartment is 140 metres squared.

If you’re visiting Buenos Aires then make sure you find time to head to San Martín Park in Retiro to admire this modern and unusual, award-winning building. It’s situated on the opposite side of the park to Retiro bus station, so you could take a quick look and a few pictures before you head on a long bus journey. Or, alternatively, you could devote one of your days here doing a grand tour of some of the impressive buildings that Buenos Aires has on offer. Check out this Buenos Aires travel guide for more information on other buildings of interest that you can include on your tour.

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