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Faculty of Engineering

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The Paseo Colon Avenue that runs through the San Telmo neighbourhood is lined with plenty of impressive architectural examples, which are symbolic of periods of prosperity in Argentine history. The Faculty of Engineering building is one of the most spectacular along this avenue.

The engineering faculty is built in a neo-classical style, with Doric style columns running along the front. This imposing façade represents the genius and talent of the University of Buenos Aires’ engineering department. Architecture of this style was typical of state sponsored structures built during the 1940s and 1950s. Governments used the impressive architecture to reflect the prosperity of their nation and economy, using construction projects as a chance to show off to voters and the rest of the world.

The Faculty of Engineering was created with the establishment of the University of Buenos Aires in 1821. The first engineer to graduate from the Faculty in Buenos Aires was Luis Augusto Huergo on June 6th 1870.


The Faculty of Engineering didn’t come to occupy the Paseo Colon faculty building until much later in 1956. Construction of the building was commissioned by Juan Peron (Evita’s husband) and it was originally intended to be used as the headquarters of the Eva Peron Foundation. The structure was given to the Engineering Faculty in 1956 after the toppling of Juan Peron as president during the coup d’état of 1955. The project was left incomplete throughout all of the political turbulence and so it was left to the engineer Enrique Cáceres, the then Head of Architecture of Public Works. This government department finished work on the building in 1966 when control was handed over to the Faculty of Engineering.

The structure is made up of a main façade that looks onto the avenue and two lateral sides that face onto side streets. All of the sides of the building are supported by Doric columns made of white concrete. The size of the building is what mostly contributes to its awe-inspiring nature; it covers an area of 46,000 m2. Divided into 5 floors, a ground floor and two underground floors, the Faculty of Engineering has a capacity for 4,300 students and includes space for administrative departments.

If you’re in San Telmo then the Faculty of Engineering is well worth a visit and you’ll want to take pictures as this building really will leave you eyes wide. Take a look at information on other historic buildings in the city at Buenos Aires travel guide.

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