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When most tourists in Buenos Aires fancy a bit of antique shopping the first place they usually head to is San Telmo. However, anyone who knows anything about second hand shopping will know that the place for antiques is the Buenos Aires Flea Market (in Spanish, el Mercado de las Pulgas) in the Colegiales neighborhood.

The Buenos Aires Flea Market Reopens

This impressive centre for antique shopping was reopened June 11th, 2011, after having been closed for six years. During the Buenos Aires Flea Market’s extended closure, the vendors moved to makeshift, shed-type structures next door where they sold their goods. The newly renovated building is, however, designed to house the vendors and their goods and is a much better place to browse the goods on offer. The red-painted, modern structure is covered over so antique hunters can shop whatever the weather.

The Mercado de las Pulgas was originally opened in 1988, but the building was closed in 2005 due to fire safety regulations. The building has since been totally renovated with fire escapes and security systems also put in place.

The Buenos Aires flea market has 143 stalls that offer everything from china goods, crystal wear, antique pieces and furniture. All of the pieces on sale are beautiful and eye-catching, so you can wander round the Flea Market enjoying the atmosphere, without having to spend a fortune.


The prices, however, are reasonable and you’re sure to grab a bargain on something that perhaps in the States or Europe would be much more expensive. Prices obviously vary depending on what you’re looking for. For example, an antique, marble side table with bronze detailing costs only $ 5000 Argentine pesos. There are also other side tables that have a smaller price tag, costing between 700 and 900 pesos, so there is something for everyone, no matter what your budget.

The renovated building has been equipped with bathrooms, a car park, and utility room. The large building covers 13,400 m2 and is located at the intersection of Dorrego and Conde Street, right on edge of the Palermo neighborhood. You can enjoy the market Tuesday to Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm.

The Mercado de las Pulgas Buenos Aires flea market has finally reopened in a shopping environment that is comfortable and enjoyable. With presidential and local elections coming up in November, there’s no wonder that the city government rushed to finish this project in time for all to enjoy.

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