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Activities while you travel in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a rich city, brimming with life and culture. You could spend weeks here and never get bored, as there is always something new and exciting to go see, always a new area to explore.

Of course, there are the main attractions and points of interest to go see, but many of them don’t offer too much interaction. So what sort of activities are there, things you can go and do?

Ask any local this question, and you are bound to hear that you have to go see a soccer game while in town. Soccer — or football, as it’s known around the world — is the quintessential Argentine sport. Argentines are in love with the sport, and for good reason. They have a tradition of producing some of the best soccer players in the world, and consistently make it to the World Cup.

Soccer game in Buenos Aires

There are soccer games year round, although some games are more important than others. Boca Juniors vs. River Plate, for example, is one of the most riveting games you’ll find, as it is the most heated rivalry. For an extreme (but possibly dangerous) experience, find a seat in the general admission section. Slightly more expensive tickets will offer the same exhilaration without the (possible) fear. Or, hire a tour guide or company to take you to the game, and you’ll hear all about history and rivalries. There is no better way to experience a culture than seeing the raw passion of its sports fans.

If you like the idea of a sporting match, but aren’t exactly into the hot-blooded fervor of a football match, head to the polo fields for a more refined spectacle. Polo is another popular sport in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires, and — surprise, surprise — is another sport which Argentines have traditionally excelled at. Watch with wonder as skilled athletes expertly guide well-trained horses across the green polo fields, dexterously striking the small ball with their mallets. This sport is especially celebrated from August to December, during the annual international competition in the city. Thousands of porteños come to see the games, taking a part in high society for a day.

Buenos Aires Zoo

Another great way to spend the day is at the Buenos Aires zoo. The zoo offers fun for young and old, and is ideally located right next to all the parks of Palermo and Recoleta. Tickets are reasonably priced, and what better way to spend an afternoon than learning about various animals with your family and friends.

For an even more exciting experience, and most certainly a unique one, head north to Belén de Escobar, just 50K outside the city. Here you will find Temaikén Park, a world-class habitat that lets the animals live in their natural environments (or something very close). Spend a day wandering the park, and don’t forget to see the new Butterfly Pavilion and the numerous aquatic viewing areas, seeing how animals behave underwater, such as penguins, manta rays, turtles, sharks and alligators. Busses are frequent and inexpensive, and leave from Plaza Italia. For more information on transportation and Buenos Aires, see this Buenos Aires Travel Guide.

You will never be short of things to see in Buenos Aires, and finding activities is much easier than you might think. Be sure to get the most out of your time while in this amazing city — there’s so much to see and do.

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