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Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital city and gateway of Argentina, is characterized by its architectural beauty, cultural sophistication, the passion of tango dancing, and the warmth of its people. Most people traveling in Argentina and continuing their travels in Latin America will arrive in this stunning and unusual city, so it’s important to understand a little more about Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a modern progressive city with many touches from the past.  Skyscrapers share the cityscape with architectural beauties of many eras and styles: colonial, renaissance, baroque, gothic, neoclassical, art nouveau, and art deco.  The city is a melting pot of many different cultures and era, which is reflected in the city’s architecture. As you tour the city you can enjoy hints of Rome, Madrid, Paris, London or Budapest beautifully intermingled with monuments, park plazas, tree-lined avenues and lush gardens.

The parks and plazas in Buenos Aires should come high on your list of things to explore. Scattered all over the city, they boast beautiful, landscaped, green areas that reveal the local culture and customs. The local Buenos Aires residents enjoy relaxing in parks with friends, doing exercise, playing chess, drinking mate tea and jamming with musical instruments.

Each of Buenos Aires’ barrios (neighborhoods) has its own distinctive flavor.  La Boca features the conventillos (tenement houses) that were home to Italian immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. La Boca is the capital of tango of the city and fills you with the bohemian and passionate spirit of tango music and dance.  Colonial landmark architecture and antiques abound in San Telmo and Barracas where you’ll find.  Prime Buenos Aires real estate characterizes the buildings of Recoleta and elegant Palermo is home to palatial mansions of the early 20th century. Palermo is the trendiest and most forward thinking of the Buenos Aires neighborhoods, lined with boutique shops and international restaurants and cafes. Every barrio is linked with a different era of Argentina and has something different on offer.

A cultural Mecca that always fostered intellectual and artistic pursuits, Buenos Aires today offers a broad range of cultural activities and nighttime entertainment.  Museums and art galleries showcase the traditional to the experimental.  All musical and theatrical genres take center stage in the city’s many performance venues.   The genre which is most unique to Buenos Aires is the tango; ts notes are rhythmic, its verses nostalgic and its dance is passionate - an experience not to be missed. There are many Buenos Aires tango shows avaible to enjoy!

Buenos Aires is a multisensory experience.  Regardless of your budget, good coffee, delicious food and tasty wine can be savored at any of the hundreds of cafes and restaurants that abound throughout the city.  Argentine grass-fed beef is a staple of the Argentine diet; unless you are a strict vegetarian, a good bife de chorizo (steak) and/or parrillada (assortment of barbequed meat) should not be missed.  Argentina’s varied climates and landscapes have enabled the production of exquisite varietal wines, which make the perfect complement to an Argentine meal. Here you can taste world-class wines and original blends at very reasonable prices.

There are plenty of options open when it comes to shopping in Buenos Aires.  Numerous artisans’ fairs are dotted around the city (especially on weekends) with jewelry, woolens, small leather goods, wood carvings and many other handicrafts.  Famous international name brand stores are intermingled with the small boutiques of the trendy local young fashion designers. Buenos Aires has a renowned reputation for its original and creative designers who have been trained in the many universities and design colleges. Argentina is also famous for its beef produce and the hallmark products to buy here are leather goods such as jackets, luggage, and purses because of their high quality and accessible prices for most visitors.

Buenos Aires city has so much to entertain visitors, but let’s not forget that the areas around the city are also well worth exploring, with sites of natural beauty and historical towns dotted around the outskirts. Just a short journey from the city centre and you’ll find places that make for the perfect day out. Buenos Aires is located on the banks of the River Plate so the city and outskirts are blessed with views of the river and there are plenty of nature reserves and delta areas to explore, for example, the town Tigre.

People in Buenos Aires, known as porteños (a reference to the port that was the crucial center of all activity in the 19th and early 20th century), are highly social, outgoing and expressive.  You are just as likely to see couples openly hug and kiss in public as seeing two people have a heated argument on the street.  As you’re sure to notice whilst people watching in Buenos Aires, the porteños are body and fashion conscious and pay attention to detail even when casually dressed. Porteños love engaging in lively conversations about national and international affairs, sports, the arts and philosopy.  It is not uncommon for them to share in depth personal feelings and opinions even with someone they recently met. A visit to the green grocers here can result in an animated conversation with a friendly vendor. Foreign visitors find most porteños warm, friendly and helpful, making their stay in Buenos Aires an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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